Pre D Treatment
The most common form of Erectile Dysfunction is Vasculogenic. Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction is caused by the effects of aging. The primary causes are the shrinkage of blood vessels as we age and the cumulation of plague in the vessels over time. Theses causes of Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction will continue to worsen as we age.

The Pre D therapy now being offered is 3 treatments over a 3 week period. This therapy is preventative in its purpose. Men began to experience the effects of aging in their early 30’s. Plague buildup and shrinkage of blood vessels begins at this early age. The Pre D Therapy is designed to prevent the onset of these two progressive conditions. After restoring health and healing to the penis and testicles from the Pre D Therapy, a man can come in every 5 years and get a “tune up” of two treatments to maintain health and healing. The intent is to modify the early causes of Erectile Dysfunction, so that when a man reaches middle age and beyond he is not desperately seeking a cure.